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Hear Mudhoney’s ‘I Like it Small,’ a Grimy Anthem to Indie Living

Mudhoney 'I Like it Small' Single Download Indie Anthem Vanishing Point Album

When Mark Arm spoke to SPIN in December, he explained a key development in his process leading up to Mudhoney’s ninth album, Vanishing Point. “The older I get, the pickier and more conscious I become about what I’m singing. We definitely wear our influences on our sleeves, but hopefully, we’re finding an original way to say something, even if it’s been said so many times before. It’s not always possible, but that’s what I beat myself up over the most.” But Arm can give his, um, arm a rest from further writing (for now) and further beatings (for good).

With the new album due out April 2 via Sub Pop, the first single has emerged and it’s a perfect example of what the Northwestern garage-punk O.G. was talking about. “I Like It Small” is a genuine anthem to the indie lifestyle: “I’m good with Gladys sans the Pips,” he growls at one point. “Now let me go down the list: / Minimum production, low yields / Intimate settings, limited appeal / Dingy basements, short runs / No expectations, wait I’m not done!” And he’s not. Over some seriously satisfying shred, Arm continues to explain the myriad ways in which, “I’ve got big enough balls to admit that I like it small.” Stream and download the ferocious new song below.

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