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Marco Rubio, Republican Hip-Hop Liaison, Introduces Wiz Khalifa to the Senate

Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is the Grand Old Party’s great young hope, which means that he conveniently brings up rap music whenever he can. Last month, SPIN’s Brandon Soderberg covered Rubio’s base understanding of ’90s rap, and during Rand Paul’s marathon filibuster last night, Rubio once again proved that he’s down with The Hip-Hop by punning on Wiz Khalifa.

Here’s what he said, as reported by Billboard: “Let me begin by quoting a modern day poet, his name is Wiz Khalifa. He has a song called ‘Work Hard Play Hard.’ You look at the time, I think it’s a time when many of our colleagues expected to be home, back in the home state playing hard, but I’m happy we’re here still working hard on this issue.”

The mere mention of Wiz Khalifa’s name elicited chuckles from the rest of the chamber, and it wasn’t because “Work Hard Play Hard” is a terrible song. Filibusters are inherently ridiculous, but this was a telling moment: Not even his fellow colleagues believed his bullshit.