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Stream Luxury Liners’ Sun-Soaked ‘They’re Flowers’ LP

Luxury Liners / Photo by Shawn Brackbill

When Carter Tanton, ex-Lower Dens member and current Luxury Liners captain, first began writing songs for They’re Flowers (arriving April 2 via Western Vinyl), the Baltimore tunesman relied on a nylon string guitar he found in a basement. “I actually thought the record was going to come out like Nick Drake judging from the original arrangements,” Tanton said, “but I had to bend them to fit the laptop while on tour.” Which brings us to Luxury Liners’ ’80s-indebted opus, a collection of nine tracks that resembles a traditional singer-songwriter LP on paper — cue the drastically reimagined John Cale cover, the song title referencing Alex Chilton, and world-weary, pensive lyrics — but hews closer to sunlit, post-Tumblr bedroom-pop projects in practice. Hear the entire thing down below.

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