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Luke Solomon Roughs Up Sunless ’97’s Plaintive ‘Aurora II’

Sunless '97

British trio Sunless ’97 describe their double-A-sided single “Aurora I” and “Aurora II” as a mixed message to the dawn: The first song attempts to capture “the euphoric vibes of walking home after a night of dancing, feeling content, at peace and not ‘lonely’ even though you are walking home alone,” while the flip side goes straight to “the darker side of being up all night again and again and not being in such a good place.” You’d sure never guess it from Luke Solomon’s “Aurora II” remix, though. Leaning hard on tambourines, strobing white noise, and a chunky, sandblasted drum-machine groove, and dubbing out the group’s wispy falsetto vocals over an almost subliminally deep bass line, Solomon’s rework zaps you straight to a place where tomorrow’s daylight feels like a million years away. It’s exactly the kind of thing that the Rekids/Crosstown/Music for Freaks veteran does best: Slightly muddle-headed club jams that briefly, joyously, drown out all that noise in your head.

Sunless ’97’s “Aurora I / Aurora II,” co-produced by Hello Skinny’s Tom Skinner, is out Monday, March 25 on London’s Not Even label. If you’re in London, you can catch Sunless ’97 live tonight at the Sebright Arms.