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Lil Wayne Reassures Fans and Looks ‘Rich as Fuck’ in New Videos

Lil Wayne, 'Rich as Fuck,' 2 Chainz, video

Kanye West must’ve heard Lil Wayne’s new material when he graciously called the Young Money rapper the No. 1 MC in the game right now. The recently leaked I Am Not a Human Being II, which you can and probably should buy when it comes out on March 26, represents Weezy at the best he’s sounded on a full-length release in years: unbridled id, culture-vulturing free association, zeitgeist-guiding production. And, yes, lady parts.

A fun novelty that shows up on two songs is Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz rapping over tracks where the beat cuts out entirely. The more immediate of the two is the contagiously audacious “Rich as Fuck,” which now finally has a video. Watch it over at MTV now, or above starting March 23.

The clean version of this obviously expletive-heavy track goes so far as to edit out the word “pig” when Weezy raps, “I never talk to the cops, I don’t speak Pig Latin.” So it’s pointless to watch the video if you actually want to hear the verses. And the widescreen format makes the screen so small it’s hard to make out much. But the disconnected array of images — sunglasses-wearing, skateboard-toting Wayne rapping atop a shining cube, 2 Chainz sitting at the head of the table, artfully attired women — could convince you Lil Tunechi is a sort of hip-hop Richie Rich, childishly throwing his money at whatever seems fun at the time. After all, is there really any other reason for being rich as fuck? 

Of course, the shadow hanging all over this is money can’t buy you everything, and Lil Wayne scared his many fans over the weekend when he was hospitalized for reported seizures. In a new video posted by TMZ he thanks fans for their prayers and concerns. “I’m good,” he says. “I’m more than good.” And then T.I. stops by, because a Tip guest appearance is always welcome. “Rich as Fuck” shows Weezy’s rapping remains more than good, too, though you might not be able to tell from the video.