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Laura Marling Gets Shakespearean: Preview Her ‘As You Like It’ Songs

Laura Marling, Shakespeare, 'As You Like It'

Laura Marling has never been one to shy away from canonical ghosts, but now she’s taking that a few centuries further. The U.K. singer and songwriter, set to do battle with the monsters of folk once again on new album Once I Was an Eagle (due out May 28 via Ribbon Music), has also written music for a new production of Shakespeare’s As You Like It. As TwentyFourBit points out, a trailer video for the Royal Shakespeare Theatre‘s upcoming staging of the classic play showcases about 90 seconds of a new Marling song. Lyrics like the refrain “winter and rough weather” draw on the Bard’s language, while the subdued, stripped-down performance keeps Marling within the idiom of (somewhat) more recent bards Joni MItchell and Leonard Cohen. The production, by Swedish theater director Maria Aberg, runs from April 12 to September 28 at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, and the clip’s use of glowsticks suggests the work will engage with our messy contemporary era.