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Watch Kurt Vile Strum New Songs ‘Never Run Away’ and ‘Wakin on a Pretty Day’

Kurt Vile 'Never Run Away' 'Wakin on a Pretty Day' Acoustic Video

Kurt Vile is a master of mood, lyrics and strum, so while his electric albums are invariably beautiful things, he might be at his best boiled down to those bare elements. The Philadelphia singer-songwriter will release his fourth album, Wakin on a Pretty Daze, via Matador on April 9. We’ve seen the radical mural, watched the adorable TV ad, previewed the freaking parade, and talked about the tour — hell, we even visited Vile In the Studio when he was working on the thing. But it’s quite possible that none of that will communicate as much as these two videos culled from an acoustic session for Radio K, run by students of the University of Minnesota. Above, Vile performs a sweetly executed version of “Never Run Away.” Below, you’ll find the 9-minute prog-pop jam “Wakin on a Pretty Day.” If you wanna hear him sing, press play: