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Watch Kurt Vile’s Adorable Daughter Introduce His New Single ‘Never Run Away’

Kurt Vile 'Never Run Away' Video Daughter Download New Song Album Commercial

When SPIN visited Kurt Vile in the studio in December, he revealed that he and his wife welcomed their second daughter into the world just hours into mixing his forthcoming fifth album Wakin On a Pretty Daze. That Fleetwood Mac-inspired opus (“all rock,” hold the cheese) is due out April 9 via Matador, and so far everything associated with the thing has been pretty great. Vile debuted the record’s cover via a mural in his hometown of Philadelphia (see the making of), and subsequently shared the nine-minute prog-pop jam “Wakin on a Pretty Day.” 

Now he’s back with a charming “commercial” for the LP that features the single version of “Never Run Away” and also, not to be outdone, his eldest daughter wearing a zebra mask. At the beginning of the Don Argott-directed clip, Vile explains, “Unfortunately we’re way over budget so we couldn’t take out a real commercial, but here’s this one,” before cuing up the song on his phonograph. But the fine folks of Matador elaborate beneath the video: “We took out a real commercial, Kurt, promise,” and the ad actually aired on the CW in Philly.

Watch above, and download the song by right-clicking here: “Never Run Away.”