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Justin Bieber Goes Full Llama, Spits on Grown Man

Justin Bieber Neighbor Spit Threaten to Kill

On Tuesday (March 26) reports emerged that the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department was investigating Justin Bieber after an alleged conflict took place between the 19-year-old pop star and one of his neighbors. More details have emerged today shedding light on the battery charge leveled at the Biebz. According to TMZ‘s sources, the youngster spit at and threatened to kill a 47-year-old man.

While the conflict was initially thought to be over a series of noisy parties held at Justin’s house while he was away doing shows (we’re looking at you, Lil Twist), the celebrity news site now says law enforcement officials and neighbors confirm that the singer’s Ferrari had arrived via flatbed truck that morning, and he’d decided to take it for a joyride through the gated community in Calabasas.

After he returned home from “driving insanely fast” around the neighborhood, the offended father of three came over to complain. “You can’t drive like this!” the man evidently yelled before JB hocked a nasty loogie into the dude’s face and said, “I’m gonna fucking kill you.” TMZ cites sheriff’s deputies as the source of this exchange. They also report that the neighbor intends to have Bieber prosecuted.

Naturally, the “Janice” Joplin fan’s security team apparently maintains that the kid never touched him, but that’s wholly possible if his lung-butter-launching abilities are up to par. For a reenactment of the unfortunate event, we turn to these two: