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Police Investigate Justin Bieber After Neighbor Accuses Him of Battery and Threats

Justin Bieber Battery Threats Accusation Police Home Calabasas

Police are investigating Justin Bieber after a neighbor reported him for battery, says TMZ. Their sources, which include Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff spokesperson Steve Whitmore, claim that the guy next door to the Biebz’s Calabasas, California home came over to complain about a series of loud parties that took place at the pop star’s pad while he was away having such a bad time that the guy from the Mountain Goats wrote him a song.

While the neighbor has evidently said that their 9 a.m. argument ended with Bieber laying hands on him and making threats, “sources connected with Justin’s security team” say the guy came onto the property screaming, and that the singer went inside the house while security escorted the neighbor off of the grounds. Apparently, the Sheriff’s Department is currently sussing out the details of what actually happened, which was probably nothing much at all.

Regardless, we know the Biebz will be okay. (He’s evidently okay enough to stroll through airport security shirtless already!) Despite some folks’ feelings that he should seek help following a string of negative events, he knows that he doesn’t need rehab, because he’s successful. And even if he does wind up trapped in a small room somewhere, he’ll always have the soul-soothing sounds of “Janice” Joplin to help him find grounding again. After all, he’s no Lindsay Lohan — he’s an Axl Rose in the making.