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Hear RL Grime and Salva’s Rattling Trap Remix of Jamie Lidell’s ‘What a Shame’

Jamie Lidell

“What a Shame” is one of the most unhinged songs on Jamie Lidell’s new, self-titled album, with violent trashcan drums underpinning vocals so thickly multitracked they threaten to suck all air out of the room. Leave it to rising trap types RL Grime and Salva to slice open the song’s claustrophobic industrial-soul shell and let the oxygen back in. Their “What a Shame” remix, uploaded to SoundCloud this afternoon, sends Lidell’s harmonies soaring over tight snare rolls and a queasy square-wave bass line, but all that building tension is just a foil for the track’s spectacular instrumental bridge, in which the melody scatters like drops of water in a hot skillet over an electrifying sub-bass thrum. It’s devastatingly simple, and simply devastating.

The remix is out today on Warp Records; listen to the track in full below.