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James Blake Shares Live, Mellow ‘Our Love Comes Back’ Download

James Blake

James Blake’s submersion into quiet-storm quivering continues. The U.K. post-dubstep singer-songwriter’s sophomore album Overgrown is due out on April 8 via Republic, and the snapping “Retrograde” and busily whirring Brian Eno collaboration “Digital Lion” have set expressive, soul-steeped singing over spacious, contemporary-sounding electronics. Now Blake has shared a live recording of album closer “Our Love Comes Back,” and it’s the most stripped down yet. With melancholy keyboards and gently throbbing drum programming, the song shows he shares not only Jeff Buckley’s initials, but also his affinity for open, sensuous vocals in the tradition of Nina Simone or Antony Hegarty. The results, like lilac wine, are sweet and heady.

Download for free via Amazon.