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Dig Through J Dilla’s Record Collection in Mini-Documentary

'Crate Diggers,' J Dilla

J. Dilla’s record collection went up for auction earlier this year, but there were still plenty of LPs in the basement when Fuse series Crate Diggers visited recently. Talib Kweli, J. Rocc, and DJ Spinna talk Dilla in the new mini-documentary, along with rappers Frank Nitt and Grap Luva. Dilla’s brother, who raps as Illa J, and mother Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey also share their insights. Spoiler alert: The late, hugely influential hip-hop producer’s tastes ran wide. The collection spans mid-’70s Isley Brothers, 1984’s Ice-T-breaking Breakin’ soundtrack, ’90s R&B singers like Total and Faith Evans, ’70s fusion jazz from Eberhard Weber and Tim Weisberg, and ’60s country-pop via, um, Johnny Tillotson. It takes all kinds of ingredients to make an album like Donuts.