Hold Your Seahorses: Grammys Cruise Is Not What It Appears to Be

barbra streisand, adele, grammys cruise

The Recording Academy, perhaps taking a cue from Weezer’s successful oceanliner excursion, has announced a partnership with Norwegian Cruise Line to bring the “Grammy Experience” to the high seas. Unfortunately, the Academy, taking another cue from the Mark McGrath & Friends Cruise, turned out a “real bummer.”

Rather than house a floating festival, Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest ship will act as a waterlogged museum exhibit. According to a press release, the 4,000-passenger Norwegian Getaway sets sail on February 1, 2014 and will house a floor’s worth of artifacts selected and curated by the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. Grammy-winning and -nominated acts will perform during evenings, but live rosters for the various seven-day voyages have not yet been announced. Additionally, a full-on, proper Grammy-themed cruise more akin to the S.S. Coachella is scheduled to set sail in the fall of 2014, but, again, details won’t be revealed for some time. Given the Grammys’ track record, we’re betting that lineup skews more Al Walser than Jack White. How long is a trip to Liechtenstein, anyway?


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