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Hear Ghostface Killah’s Deadly Confident ‘The Sure Shot (Parts 1 and 2)’

Ghostface Killah 'The Sure Shots (Parts 1 and 2)' Twelve Reasons to Die Adrian Younge

As Ghostface Killah stalks ever closer toward the release date of his April 16 concept album Twelve Reasons to Die, the soul-dipped nuggets continue to fly forth like nunchaku sticks to the face. A couple of weeks ago we heard the opening track, “The Rise of the Ghostface Killah,” a swaggerful delight that found the Wu-Tang Clan favorite delivering workmanlike narratives over shimmering guitars and snapping drums. Now we’ve got “The Sure Shot (Parts 1 and 2),” a cinematic gem that highlights the scoring talent of the LP’s lone producer Adrian Younge. The spacious backing track makes much of the fierce live drumming that powers it, while Ghost flexes his chops with utmost ease. “Part 1” moves quickly while the sequel slows the rapper’s roll to a deliberate thrust of menacing words. As previously reported, Twelve Reasons follows a “brutal tale of gangsters, betrayal and one vengeful soul hunting the 12 most powerful crime lords in the world,” and will be accompanied by a comic book of the same name.