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Watch Frightened Rabbit Fancy a Shag on ‘Conan’

frightened rabbit, the woodpile, conan

Late last year, Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchinson described the Scottish folk outfit‘s recent fourth album, Pedestrian Verse, as “a genuine journey of discovery.” Late last night (March 5), while baring second Pedestrian single “The Woodpile” on Conan, the earnest singer urged the audience to make a journey back to his quarters. Hutchinson turned in a fragile but muscular vocal performance, leading patient guitar lines, steady marching drums, and keyboard touches along the way. As the Selkirk unit gets closer to the destination, they rush at a clanging, squalling pace. Head Rabbit Hutchinson can’t wait — he just wants to hide with you and speak in secret tongues. It’s a stealthy, outdoorsy come-on, the Weeknd by way of Mumford & Sons.