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Watch Foals Play ‘Late Night’ Late at Night in Paris’ Historic Hotel de Ville

Foals 'Late Night' Library Video Blogotheque

Foals’ “Late Night” is among the staggering highlights on the Oxford band’s Holy Fire that put all of the album’s otherwise excellent songs to shame. The track’s pensive beauty and subtle sadness make for a palpably emotive experience. The group must’ve known that when they shared their incredibly intense video for the song earlier this month, where this dark little song about fear and loneliness soundtracked simultaneous acts of birth, sex, and death.

If all that imagery’s a bit too much to take in however, the fine session-shooting folks at La Blogothèque have recorded a lovely version of “Late Night” shot late at night inside of the library at Paris’ iconic administration building Hôtel de Ville. The low lighting and ancient woodgrain enrich the song’s inherent moodiness, and the sonics in the normally noise-free zone are surprisingly wonderful. Directed by David Ctiborsky, this clip is the first in an ambitious new series from the French website, sponsored by Converse, dubbed “Empty Space.” Thankfully, the boys don’t bleed on anything this time.