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Hear Flatbush Zombies and Underachievers Aim to Outdo Tupac on ‘No Religion’

Flatbush Zombies 'No Religion' Underachievers Song

Two acid-addled Brooklyn rap crews come together on “No Religion.” SPIN’s recent Breaking Out stars Flatbush Zombies lead the charge with their strange brand of psychotropic spirituality as heard on tracks “MRAZ” and the A$AP Rocky team-up “Bath Salt.” Joining rappers Meechy Darko and Zombie Juice are Issa Dash and AK from the Underachievers — recent signees to Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint and fellow members of the greater Beast Coast collective. The production here is characteristically gritty, combining apocalyptic atmospherics with hard-hitting drums. Topically, these guys range from bragging about hooking up with cougars to, well, bragging about smoking strong marijuana. But the chorus provides a little direction: “Stop trying to be Tupac, try to be better / Your chakras is clogged, bitch, raise your energy level / Your weapons is flawed from the barrels to the levers.” Classic rappers, Hindu concepts, and firearms all in one darkly tinted rap track.