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The Flaming Lips’ ‘The Terror’ Delayed, So Hear It Performed Live From Texas

Flaming Lips 'The Terror' Delay Live Full Dan Deacon Remix

Fans eager to hear the Flaming Lips’ harrowing new album The Terror will be forced to wait an additional two weeks before actually owning the thing. The bleak new Warner Bros. LP’s release date has been moved from April 1 to April 16, but there are a couple of silver linings to consider. First, and most literally, is the deluxe “silver double vinyl” version of the record, which will include an entire side devoted to a Dan Deacon remix of the entire album.

“We Don’t Control the Controls (Mashed-The-F-Up-Remix),” as Exclaim points out, will no doubt involve some significant truncating of the album’s nine songs, whose total run time comes in just shy of an hour. That said, the Boston-based pop-subverter may have a little extra time on his hands since he just lost his spot on the (canceled) Animal Collective tour. Plus, we know he’s been working out, via P90X, so he’s probably up for a challenge.

The next bit of news will help quell hunger pangs in the interim. Last week at South By Southwest, the Lips performed The Terror all the way through, and that performance is streaming below. Also: It’s pretty damned good. Phantogram’s Sarah Barthel stops by for the song “You Lust,” which provides an opportunity for an awkward intro from the occasionally shameless Wayne Coyne, who claims she asked him to pull her hair while she sang.

Below the SoundCloud player documenting that hour-long exercise in aural horror, you’ll also find another entire concert: the Flaming Lips also performed their excellent 2002 album Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, beginning to end, while in Austin, at the Belmont on Wednesday, March 13. Blue-haired alien talk show host Gorburger provides a knee-slapping intro (we assume he has knees) to the set, which includes a little storytelling from Coyne.