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Hear Eluvium’s Blooming Instrumental ‘Envenom Mettle’

Eluvium 'Envenom Mettle' Stream Nightmare Ending

For his forthcoming sixth album, Portland ambient giant Eluvium is prepping a double-disc epic dubbed Nightmare Ending. The album is due May 14 via Temporary Residence Ltd., but so far two tracks have surfaced. First up was the slowly building “Don’t Get Any Closer” with its transcendent organ work, and now we have “Envenom Mettle.” This latest moodpiece, which premiered at Stereogum, exchanges some of the more traditional instrumentation for a crunchy percussive loop and glistening back-masked keys. Shortly after the three-minute mark, the song blooms from windswept plain into lush soundscape. At just over five minutes, this is one of Nightmare Ending‘s shorter songs, but it’s an experiential epic nonetheless. Take a trip with Eluvium: