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Earl Sweatshirt Lounges with Tyler, the Creator in Slightly Warped ‘WHOA’ Video

Earl Sweatshirt, "WHOA," video

Earl Sweatshirt still hasn’t offered a release date or other details for his upcoming Doris LP, but the Odd Future member continues to unveil alluring glimpses of the music therein. After reaching outside the OFTWGA core to tap Hiro Murai (St. Vincent, Usher, David Guetta) for Doris‘ uncomfortably numb “Chum” video, he has returned to director Wolf Haley — that is, Tyler, the Creator — for the off-kilter visuals to another new song, “WHOA.” Tyler also guests on the synth-squirming, piano-splashed track, a low-key affair that mostly acts as a showcase for Earl’s typically dextrous tangle of verbiage — much easier to decipher here than in his recent live performance of three other highly promising new songs. The video involves Earl waking up next to an older woman in a ballerina costume (Doris, perhaps?), then reclining on a floating pool chair in the middle of a skateboarding pit. Other OFers are also on hand, because who else would make eating an ice cream cone look punk rock?