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See Dead Gaze’s Suburban Surrealist ‘I Found the Ending’

Mississippi outfit's forthcoming self-titled comp, out May 21, culls from several cassettes and 7-inches

Dead Gaze main man R. Cole Furlow had a simple enough goal while making the video for “I Found the Ending,” a dreamy head-banger set to appear on the Mississippi project’s upcoming self-titled compilation album (due May 21 in the U.S., April 1 in the U.K. via FatCat Records). “I really was aiming for a classic depiction of what it’s like to be me in [Oxford, MS] with no money,” the frontman admitted. “The video was about a day in the life, the song is about me letting go of all my possessions. I wanted to make a video that somehow conveyed these ideas. I wanted to be psychedelic without being psychedelic.” Thanks to some cheap color filter effects and the song’s chugging, light-headed melody, Furlow succeeds in making the mundane feel surreal. Small-town, on-the-cheap fun — playing Frisbee and basketball in the park, driving around the neighborhood, scarfing down barbecue ribs with some buddies — has never felt so otherworldly.