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‘Low’ Profile? 20 Things ‘Reclusive’ David Bowie Has Done Since His Last Album

When word came that David Bowie was returning with his first new album in ten years, The Next Day, out March 12, the reaction was akin to hearing that the Loch Ness Monster had decided to dance the hootchy kootchy in Times Square. Almost invariably, the fantastic Mr. B was described in terms that used to be reserved for the J.D. Salingers and Howard Hugheses of the world: recluse, disappeared.

To which we say: bullpoop! While Bowie has been silent on the new album front, in the time since 2003’s Reality he’s acted in film and television and sung with plenty of high profile pals. Far from being some desiccated shut-in, the Thin White Duke has been doing work! And here’s what he’s been up to.