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Daft Punk’s New Album ‘Random Access Memories’ Is Up for Presale on iTunes

Daft Punk are playing at your house after all

The robot rollout continues. After the duo’s now telltale space-helmet image surfaced on posters across Austin, hopes were high that Daft Punk would use SXSW as the platform to launch their long-awaited new longplayer. After all, they’d already teased us with that 15-second TV commercial during SNL. Perhaps they’d materialize in the slot on that ginormous Doritos machine alongside Nile Rodgers. But alas, it was not to be, and this week, despite alleged sightings of the group’s members at various Miami hotspots, the Winter Music Conference has proved just as barren.

But where the rumor mill withers on the vine, the Internet giveth. Daft Punk’s forthcoming album has surfaced for presale on iTunes, reports Stereogum. It’s called Random Access Memories, and it’s due out on May 21. It features 13 tracks, the titles of which have yet to be revealed. Thank goodness: Who knows what the Internet might do between now and then if there weren’t further Daft Punk mysteries to be meted out like communion wafers or corn chips. (Like they say, you can’t eat just one. So why not try 10 hours’ worth!)