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Daft Punk Leaks Are Fake, But This ‘SNL’ Ad Remix Is Legit

Daft Punk Leaks Fake SNL Remix Legit

No, to answer the question that gutless blogs have been asking via headlines all day: “Is this new Daft Punk leak real?” Absolutely not. “Dancing to the Beat” features a poorly performed half-baked vocal about remembering how disco music feels (“I know it’s really great and this is sure!”) plus it practically plagiarizes “Around the World.” And “Future Is Now” is just a song by a Portuguese group called Karetus that some YouTube user mistakenly identified.

But hey, we don’t blame people for wanting to hear more Daft Punk. In January, the Parisian duo announced their first album since 2005’s Human After All, and then they teased us sadistically with a 15-second commercial that played during last week’s Saturday Night LiveOne fan did the world a favor by looping Daft Punk’s ad-audio loop on YouTube so that it’d play for a full 10 hours, and now a solid remix using the short clip has emerged as an alternative means of stretching out the tiny gift. The sunny five-minute gem (via Prefix) dubbed “No End” comes courtesy of Hungarian beatmaker We Plants Are Happy Plants, a.k.a. Peter Bergmann, who just wants to make people happy with his music.

Smile with Happy Plants, and perhaps Daft Punk smiles with you: