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‘Get Lucky’: Hear 15 More Seconds of Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories,’ Via ‘SNL’

Daft Punk's upcoming album will be called 'Random Access Memories'

Feeling lucky, punk? You bet! Daft Punk have released yet another 15-second sliver from their forthcoming album, which we now know to be called Random Access Memories, and which is now available for presale on iTunes, ahead of its May 21 release. For the second time this month, the shadowy robot duo took out a quarter-minute commercial spot during Saturday Night Live to drop their latest teaser. (That’s right: The show that brought us “Dick in a Box” is now the leading music outlet on television. Sorry, Fallon!)

Chock-a-block with talk box (“Get lucky!”) and funky clavinet warble, the glimmering filter-disco loop sounds as light and carefree as anything they’ve done since Homework. Seems like their time with Nile Rodgers may really be turning them human after all.