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Clarence Clemons Malpractice Lawsuit Headed to Trial

clarence clemons, malpractice lawsuit

Nearly two years since the death of Clarence Clemons, otherwise known as “The Big Man” of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, Clemons’ family will go to court over a malpractice suit against the late saxophonist’s doctors.

According to Showbiz411, William Clemons (brother to Clarence and father to Jake Clemons, the E Street Band’s current saxophone player) filed the lawsuit against the Palm Beach Cancer Center and three physicians in 2012, alleging that the staff was responsible for Clemons’ June 2011 stroke. The suit argues that by failing to provide Clemons with Lovenox, a short-term blood thinning medication, prior to and after he underwent hand surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome, the medical team may have caused the stroke that contributed to the 69-year-old’s death.

Clemons’ widow, Victoria, also claims that the day after his surgery, she found her husband “on the floor, beside the bed, confused and dysarthric [unable to speak properly].” Palm Beach Cancer Center-affiliated doctors Robert J. Jacobson, David W. Dodson, and Keith Meyer have all been named as defendants.

Spinner reports that on February 13, the case — which was sealed by a Palm Beach judge in May 2012 — was cleared to go to a jury trial. Lawyers from both sides have not yet commented on the case.