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See a Blink-182 Fan Give Herself a Wedgie Narrowly Avoiding Death

Blink 182 Girl Fence Wedgie Butt Climber Concertgoer

The little kid in us kinda wishes we could post utterly dumb gallon-smashing and yelling goats videos all day, so when something distinctly Internet-y (read: “idiotic and hilarious”) sneaks into our humble little world of music, we’re at the front lines.

This is the story of an intrepid Blink-182 fan who wanted so badly to see her favorite pop-punk progenitors (minus Travis Barker) play Melbourne’s Soundwave Festival, that she risked life and limb to do so. Well, we’re not sure if that counts as a limb. Let’s just say she put her ass on the line — that “line” being a dangerously pokey security fence. According to the Aussie YouTube user who posted the above video, the barrier was clearly marked with a “No Climbing” warning, but that didn’t stop this girl from scaling the thing, and subsequently nearly impaling herself on it. Fortunately, the fence nabbed her by her shorts. Unfortunately, it just about ripped them off completely. Probably not what Blink envisioned when they titled their fourth album Take Off Your Pants and Jacket.