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Hear Bleached’s Disturbed Earworm ‘Dead in Your Head’

Clavin sisters make pop song about failed hopes, dreams

Bleached sisters Jessica and Jennifer Clavin cut their teeth with surf-tinged noise-punk posse Mika Miko, but their new focus channels their former freneticism into powerful hook-work and production value. “This feels more pop than punk,” Jennifer said to SPIN in November, taking a break from recording the duo’s debut album, Ride Your Heart, and so far she’s been right. “Next Stop” rocked plenty — and the video depicts them tattooing people at house parties and in hotel rooms — but it’s the song’s sunniness that truly shines. Although new one “Dead in Your Head” is a little more melancholy in terms of subject matter (“I never wanted to lose the boy I love the most”), the steady guitars, tough drums, and sweet vocals make for a real earworm of a track. To borrow from the lyrics, it’s quite likely that when you close your eyes at night, this chorus will still be echoing through your head. In any case, it’d be a more welcome resident than all of those dead hopes and dreams Bleached is singing about.

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