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Beth Ditto Arrested for Drunkenly Screaming ‘Obama!’ in the Streets of Portland

Singer could face six months jail time, thousands in fines

Gossip leader Beth Ditto was arrested early Saturday morning (March 16) for disorderly conduct after being denied service at a Portland bar, the Portland Mercury reports.

A source at the scene told the Willamette Week that the 32-year-old frontwoman was cut off from drinks at Bungalo Bar, which prompted the “Move in the Right Direction” singer to walk out into the street, throw off her shoes and purse, and repeatedly scream “OBAMA! OBAMA!”

Another eyewitness took to Reddit (never a good sign) to post about the incident.

“I had no idea who this girl was before I went out tonight,” wrote the user, who goes by the name JizzPoweredSteamboat. “By 1:30 Beth was completely blackout drunk challenging people to fights. My friends and I headed over to the Bungalow from the Alibi only to be met with Beth’s belligerent asshole posse. We got our drinks and went out to the back, only to hear her and her friends breaking shit. Obviously I started laughing from the shenanigans.”

The Reddit source also claims to have been harassed by Ditto, who allegedly said, “DO YEW KNOW WHO UR TALKIN’ TO? GOOGLE ME!” According to the post, the bartender called the police after the Gossip girl kicked him.

Cops arrested Ditto at 12:56 a.m. and booked her within an hour. She was released the same day and is due in court at a later date, which has yet to be determined. If convicted, the dance-rocker could face up to $2,500 in fines and six months in jail.