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Axl Rose Allegedly Busted an Australian Fan’s Teeth

Guns N' Roses, Axl Rose

An Australian Guns N’ Roses fan may soon be singing “Sweet Tooth o’ Mine.” According to the West Australian (via Blabbermouth), Darren Wright plans to sue Axl Rose on claims the GNR frontman injured the 39-year-old’s teeth by tossing a microphone into the crowd at the end of a show Saturday night in Perth. Wright said the mic cut his lip, chipped one front tooth, and knocked off a piece of the other front tooth, exposing a nerve, which hurts.

Wright was having a blast when the cordless mic allegedly smacked him in the craw. “I thought I had been punched,” he’s quoted as saying. Wright told the West Australian that a tour promoter had left him a phone message apologizing and offering him a signed microphone. A father of four, Wright said he “at the very least” needs cash to cover dental bills that could total more than $5,000.

Rose’s representatives don’t appear to have been contacted for the article. Rose, whose teeth markedly improved during the course of GNR’s career, could surely at least appreciate the value of dental care. A Perth Arena spokesman told The West Australian that Wright received first-aid treatment.

It isn’t the first time Rose has been caught up in a legal scuffle involving teeth. According to the AP, in 2006 Stockholm police arrested Rose after he allegedly bit a hotel security guard in the leg. Nothing lasts forever, even a mouth with a perfect track record of non-cannibalistic behavior.