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‘Angry Birds’ Spoof Lets You Throw Lady Gaga’s Head at Adele’s Album

Angry Birds Spoof Throw Lady Gaga Adele Angry Stans

Half-baked music satire site Stan-Wars has a rough-cut gem on its hands with a playable Angry Birds spoof that replaces those dastardly pigs with copies of Adele’s indomitable 21. “Angry Stans” allows users to load up their slingshots with the face of the music megastar they’d like to see topple the English singer’s incredible reign over the Billboard charts (the 2011 album not only went diamond, but outsold everything else in 2012). Among the options are avatars for Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyoncé. While eight of the options result in flinging photos of the artists in question, a click on Chris Brown gives you a fist to work with. Considering Adele’s face is on the cover of 21 we’re gonna have to register a solid “not cool” on that one. Otherwise, Angry Stans offers good clean bitchy fun with 18 levels of increasingly challenging chances to topple the EGOT-aspiring Skyfall singer. Unsurprisingly, it’s damn near impossible to knock Adele out of the game.

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