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Preview Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Dreamy ‘Always’ in ‘Mosquito’ Album Trailer

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Karen O, "Always" teaser

If the best song isn’t the single, then “Always” might just live up to the 50-second clip the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have just shared as part of an enchanting teaser video for April 16 album Mosquito. The New York band is keeping its cards close to its vest about the upcoming record — we already told you everything we know — but we also know “Always” is not Mosquito‘s first single. Musically, the sinuous, narcotic atmosphere, topped with frontwoman Karen O’s repetition of the title phrase, recalls the hazy pop of Beach House. “I think this record has more moodier and tripped-out songs than you’ve ever heard from us,” O has said. So far, so gorgeous.