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Hear Water Liars’ Spare Cowboy Ballad ‘Linens’

Water Liars / Photo by Daniel Drinkard

The Mississippi boys in Water Liars seem to have a pretty firm grip on a lonesome sort of sadness. New song “Linens” takes its name from a mundane household staple that a man can take for granted when he has access to ’em (traditionally via mother or mate), a source of almost mystical warmth and comfort for a real rolling stone like this little ditty’s protagonist. Singer-guitarist Justin Kinkel-Schuster coos a country ballad, complete with the intimate details of a pioneer-style breakfast being prepared (biscuits, bacon, coffee), but no matter how much he longs to revel in domestic bliss, the road calls to this character, and urges him to leave. Drummer-vocalist Andrew Bryant meets his pardner for some beautiful harmonies between verses. The pair have prepared an album’s worth of similarly spare Americana gems and it’s called Wyoming, due out March 5 on Big Legal Mess/Fat Possum. It’s certain to have them living on the road for months to come.