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Tyler, the Creator Debuts Piano-Based ‘Treehome,’ Raps Urgent ‘Domo 23’ on ‘Fallon’

Tyler, the Creator, Treehome, Domo 23, Wolf, Fallon

Tyler, the Creator unleashed more Wolf last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, with help from the Roots. The Odd Future rapper played a piano — “I WANTED TO BE JUST LIKE STEVIE AHHH,” he tweeted — as he debuted the album’s previously unheard “TreeHome,” a sultry R&B ballad sung by previous Odd Future collaborator Coco, of Danish electro-soul duo Quadron. With that, Tyler started jumping around the stage for the breathless “Domo 23.” It was, notably, the same stage where Odd Future made their TV debut in early 2011 with a wild rendition of “Sandwiches.”

Tyler changed the homophobic slur from the video version of “Domo 23” to “dudes.” But, as if taking sales-boosting lessons from Azealia Banks, he oh-so-cutely dropped the anti-gay “F” bomb twice on Twitter. Still, if there’s anything we’ve learned from Seth MacFarlane’s almost-unanimously bone-headed Oscars hosting performance, you don’t call out cheap, dumb jokes as “offensive,” because then people get to pretend they’re subversive; instead, when someone’s seeming jokes are at a level you could’ve heard on an elementary-school bus a million years ago in Nowheresville, USA (Rodney King references and all!), they’re just cheap and dumb. Tyler, like Azealia, is way better than that.

Then again, the online record will always show that the first-ever live TV performance of “TreeHome” and “Domo 23” ended with Jimmy Fallon saying, “My thanks to Donald Trump.” The weird shout-out was partly explained, and rebutted, later.