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Hear Chelsea Light Moving’s Ear-Popping Self-Titled Album

Chelsea Light Moving

No wonder Thurston Moore’s touring plans for his Chelsea Light Moving project specifically exclude galaxies that support “bozo-ology.” By the second track of the Sonic Youth frontman’s new non-SY album, also titled Chelsea Light Moving and now streaming via NPR, the band collapses into a cacophonous, My Bloody Valentine-evoking blast — the type of atonal detonation that giddily frazzles open minds but could easily send bozos reaching for their revolvers. Matador Records, which releases the album on March 5, has already shared half of the tracks on this eight-song album (including jagged “Frank O’Hara Hit,” good bad-trip “Groovy & Linda,” and love-numbed “Burroughs”), and the latest additions suggest letting go of the pressures of Sonic Youth’s or his own name has freed Moore and his current, highly accomplished band to follow their idiosyncratic noise-rock muse. It’s the bozos’ loss.