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Watch the Growlers’ Intimate ‘Beach Rats’ Video

The Growlers 'Beach Rats' Video Hung at Heart

Southern California dune buddies the Growlers got together in their garage studio-hippie barn to record an intimate video version of their jangly Hung at Heart highlight “Beach Rats.” We streamed the entire album last month, but this version captures the Costa Mesa crew in their on-screen element. When the shot opens, they’re taking turns tipping back a bottle of brown booze, and when the music starts it’s a warm and shambling affair. Singer Brooks Nielsen holds an old-timey mic that bathes his words in warm reverb as the country-punk groove ambles forth with occasional forays into surf-psych gush. “How did we get so far away from the things we love?” Nielsen drawls, but the Growlers are clearly in a good place. Grab a board or a bottle and join ’em in beach rat bliss.