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Watch Tegan and Sara Bring ‘Heartthrob’ Gems to ‘Kimmel’

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SPIN cover stars Tegan and Sara continued their recent charm offensive on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, performing two cuts off their poppy SPIN Essential, Heartthrob. The band broke out synth sing-along “Closer” before easing into “I Was a Fool,” their mid-tempo, Kate Bush-indebted ballad.

The 32-year-old twins told SPIN last year they were making an honest plea to widen their audience. “It was time to shake things up,” Tegan said. “We were determined to make our most accessible and poppiest album.” She later shared her thinking with us, revealing, “I don’t care if we only add five more fans to the pile… I meet people, daily, who say, ‘Your music saved me; your music got me through high school.’ I just think, ‘Why would we limit our exposure?'”

From the looks of this outdoor gig, the sisters Quin have probably gained more than a handful of new fans. Live, studio killer “Closer” crackles with energy. For slow-jam “I Was a Fool,” the Canadian pair beautifully blended acoustic guitar strums and their signature harmonies with a lilting piano line, deservedly earning cheers and whistles from the crowd. “I won’t treat you like you’re oh so typical,” the Quins pledge onstage during the first song. “All I want to get is a little bit closer.” Don’t keep them waiting — watch “Closer” up above and see “I Was a Fool” down below.

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