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See Father John Misty Bring His Neil Young-Baiting ‘I’m Writing a Novel’ to ‘Leno’

Father John Misty 'I'm Writing a Novel' Leno Tonight Show 'Fear Fun'

Father John Misty brought his sardonic brand of psychedelic folk-rock to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night and slayed, frankly. We recently witnessed the former Fleet Fox and his six-piece bar band dominate New York’s Webster Hall, and we’ve watched the guy successfully play to a crowd of cruise ship patrons who’d probably never seen someone quite like him strum a guitar in their lives, so we weren’t exactly surprised that the man born Joshua Tillman easily owned the late night stage. He and the boys (word to that #seapunk cowpoke brah) performed a slightly shortened version of Fear Fun highlight “I’m Writing a Novel.” In the clip above, Father John’s showmanship shines through with ease, as does his Neil Young-baiting poetic satire with all of its references to philosophers and drug trips gone bad. Stick around for the final seconds, when guest David Duchovny gives him an awkward thumbs up. (via Stereogum)