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See PVT’s Woozy 3D ‘Vertigo’ Video

Australian trio formerly known as Pivot taunts gravity with (literally) rocking new visual

If you’ve got a pair of 3D glasses lying around the house somewhere, left over from Avatar or The Hobbit or Top Gun or whatever, put ‘em on now. Australia’s PVT have pulled out all the stops for their new video for the single “Vertigo” — a claustrophobic but motion-filled clip that’s been shot in glorious, stereoscopic red-and-blue. Oh, and if you’ve got a spare Dramamine lying around, now would be a good time to fish it out of your duffel bag as well. The video might begin calmly enough — indeed, you may at first find yourself wondering why they bothered shooting in 3D at all, given the five-foot depth of field and egregious lack of projectile effects — but the genius of their take on the trope is the way it sneaks up on you. We won’t give away any spoilers, but suffice to say that the band formerly named Pivot has come up with a lurchingly literal interpretation of its alias.

PVT’s new album, Homosapien, draws from Radiohead, the Cure, and Matthew Dear in its exquisite woozy blend of drum-heavy indie rock and brooding synth pop. It’s out this week on the young Brooklyn label Felte, and it will leave you just as woozy as their video.

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