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Prince Held Hostage by Ecstasy on ‘That Girl Thang’

Prince new song That Girl Thang

Prince has been sharing new songs left and right since September of last year, and each track seems to channel a different side of the Purple One’s inner mojo. “Rock and Roll Love Affair” offered bluesy soul-pop, “Same Page Different Book” featuring sizzling funk, “Screwdriver” was a power-pop fuzz-bomb, and “Breakfast Can Wait” took the smooth-and-sultry tack. The latest leak is “That Girl Thang,” which goes completely acoustic as Prince sings intimately of love-as-addiction. His voice high and fragile, he coos his frustration over the object of his affection’s need to leave in order to run errands. Later in the song, he shares a confession: “Hum a little secret / People think I’m free / Instead of a fifth dimension prisoner in ecstasy.” We already had our suspicions, of course, after dude let his freak flag fly high in that recent Billboard interview, plus decided to charge his fans $1.77 to view the contrastingly no-budget “Screwdriver” music video. Visit SoundCloud to listen to “That Girl Thang,” or purchase the track for 88 cents via Prince’s weird webstore.