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See Popstrangers’ Immersive ‘What Else Could They Do’ Video

A new clip from the New Zealand outfit's forthcoming Carpark debut, 'Antipodes'

In December we had the pleasure of premiering Popstrangers’ slightly disturbing video for “Heaven,” a moody yet upbeat song whose visual counterpart depicted love in a time of massive falling asteroids. Shortly thereafter we shared the New Zealand fuzz-pop trio’s “What Else Could They Do,” which combined lilting melodies with groveling grunge notes to intensely pretty effect. Director Luke Mcpake returns for this song’s clip as well and delivers a short that plays with projections and swimming pool shots to create something dark in mood but bright with color. The video’s grainy quality matches the music’s grindy tones as these Kiwis give us yet another reason to be excited for their February 26 Carpark debut, Antipodes.