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Watch Night Beds Politely Tolerate Rachael Ray

Gravel-throated TV personality guests as "Rock DJ"

In another strange instance of indie rock bleeding into Mom-cornered mainstream television, Night Beds’ Winston Yellen happened upon an interview with Food Network personality Rachael Ray. The cook-turned-talk show host shadowed SiriusXM’s Mark Goodman to fulfill her dream of becoming (her words) a “Rock DJ” on the day Yellen gave an in-studio performance of his moonlit charmer “Ramona.” Ray often cavorts as a music lover, inviting Trenchmouth drumming geek Fred Armisen on her show to talk about Death Grips and putting on multiple years’ worth of South by Southwest events headlined by her husband’s band, the Cringe.

But Ray clearly has no idea who Night Beds is, asking the Colorado native if it’s just a rumor that he recorded at Johnny Cash’s onetime Nashville home, which was never a rumor, really, because it’s true and why would someone bother to pretend it wasn’t? Watch the awkward exchange above, starting at around the 3:40 mark.