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Nick Cave Hated Everything About His Twitter Q&A

nick cave, push the sky away, nick cave and the bad seeds

Nick Cave begrudgingly answered fan questions on Twitter Tuesday (February 19) in support of Push the Sky Away, his 15th studio album with backing band the Bad Seeds. Not one known for mincing words, the dour showman made no attempt to hide his utter disdain for the entire thing.

“Whatever it is I’ve been roped into doing, I’m starting now,” Cave declared this morning via Vine. The Grinderman frontman did offer some actual answers to his fans — Nina Simone is “hands down” the best artist he’s seen perform; the “fetus on a leash” line from “Jubilee Street” has to do with rebirth; an adversarial relationship with co-workers can be a good thing; the song he’s most proud of writing is 1992’s “Jack the Ripper” — but the real highlights came when Nick “never made a fucking terrible record” Cave snapped at his followers.

The creepiest moment came when a fan asked Cave what he should have for dinner and the singer replied, “Your wife.”

Scroll down for Cave’s crankiest Twitter Q&A replies.

1. Are you hating this, Nick Cave?

2. What would you recommend for young musicians hoping to be as great as you, Nick Cave?

3. Are you really as morose as you seem, Nick Cave?

4. Will you be answering “real” questions any time soon, Nick Cave?

5. Why are Grinderman reforming for Coachella, Nick Cave?