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My Bloody Valentine Warn Against Lying ‘m b v’ eBay Sellers

My Bloody Valentine

My Bloody Valentine fans have waited more than 20 years for a follow-up to 1991’s shoegaze pinnacle Loveless. Now that m b v is finally, amazingly here — in digital form, anyway — fans will have to wait a little bit longer to hold it in their hands. Resist the temptations of overpriced eBay listings. Those people don’t have the record yet, either, the U.K. noise-billowers warned today in a Facebook post.

m b v won’t be available until the official shipping date of February 22, according to MBV, who are currently on tour in Australia. The group wrote: “there are a number of people on e bay trying to sell our album at greatly inflated prices, they do not have the album, and are, as such, selling a product that does not exist yet. please do not buy from these people. Our ship date for orders placed on our website is Feb 22nd. this is the date that finished stock will exist.”

Overzealous dream-pop lovers could be forgiven for hoping eBay might yield a vinyl miracle. Frank Ocean’s Grammy-winning channel ORANGE still has no vinyl release date, at least according to the latest e-mail we got from Amazon. But a double-vinyl bootleg version, labeled as “Made in Germany,” has been sold online. And though it’s almost certainly digitally sourced, thus making us ridiculous for buying it, that’s no worse than MBV guitar-texture wizard Kevin Shields’ own assessment of the 2003 Loveless reissue.