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See Local Natives Rep for Blind Pilots and Singing Sandwiches in ‘Heavy Feet’ Video

Local Natives 'Heavy Feet' Video

We’ve seen Local Natives perform their “super-sensitive, baroque-rockin'” Hummingbird standout “Heavy Feet” on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and even watched the National’s Aaron Dessner join in for a rousing live rendition of the same song. Still, none of that could have prepared us for the song’s Ben Reed-directed music video, in which a group of blind older men first build and paint tiny stunt airplanes, and then fly them with [spoiler-free] results in front of a public audience. Subtitled, “The Ecstatic Flight of the Llandow Visually Impaired Harriers,” the clip shows these unlikely pilots getting trained for their big moment while a stack of sandwiches inexplicably sing the words to “Heavy Feet” in the background. Is it all in the preparation, or could these fellas be getting an assist from their magical The State-hearkening lunch. Watch and learn.