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Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe Challenges Witnesses as Czech Manslaughter Trial Begins

Lamb of God's Randy Blythe on TV Nova

By the end of the week, Randy Blythe’s freedom will be out of his hands. That’s when the Lamb of God frontman’s trial for manslaughter is expected to be complete. Blythe has returned to the Czech Republic to face accusations of pushing 19-year-old fan Daniel Nosek off the stage during the Virginia metal band’s 2010 show in Prague; Nosek died two weeks later, reportedly of head injuries. Video footage above from Czech-language TV Nova (via Blabbermouth) shows Blythe in the courtroom, his hair newly short and his expression generally respectful.

During today’s proceedings, as Virginia’s WTVR reports, Blythe questioned witnesses who testified against him. Some of the witnesses were friends of Nosek, while others knew Milan Poranek, whom Blythe has acknowledged pushing off the stage at the same concert. The witnesses’ accounts reportedly contradicted each other somewhat, with one saying Blythe came all the way from backstage to push Nosek off the stage, a detail that didn’t come up in other testimony. In fact, WTVR notes the witnesses had trouble remembering what happened at the show, which took place almost three years ago. Blythe reportedly pressed one witness who alleged “several incidents” had occurred early in the concert; Blythe maintained video footage disproves that claim.

On the first day of the trial, according to WTVR, Blythe told the judges he was not guilty. “The death of a fan is heartbreaking,” he’s quoted as saying. “I’m not a man who runs from his problems, but I do not wish to be punished and suffer the consequences of an act I did not commit.” He cited security concerns at the Prague show, including a lack of a metal barrier to keep fans from the stage. He conceded pushing Poranek from the stage, explaining that the band resumed the show after nearby fans gave the “thumbs up” signal. He denied seeing or touching Nosek. Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler and manager Larry Mazer also reportedly testified yesterday as character witnesses.

“And so it begins,” Blythe wrote this week on Instagram. “I am calm & prepared. Everyone, thanks for your good thoughts and prayers. Have a nice day, y’all!”

According to WTVR, Blythe faces a sentence of up to 10 years in prison if convicted. On top of that, Nosek’s relatives want the equivalent of $530,000 in damages.