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Hear Kylesa’s Dooming Riff-Ripping Return ‘Unspoken’

Kylesa Unspoken Ultraviolet New Album Savannah Georgia Metal

Savanah psych-metal quintet Kylesa not only gave us a tour of their Georgian stomping grounds back in 2009, they slayed us a year later with the sludgy riff-rocking sprawler Spiral Shadows. And then they kinda disappeared. But hark, for Death’s Angel does sing: Kylesa returneth in twenty-thirteen!

French-founded label Season of Mist has just announced that a new long-player is imminent: Ultraviolet will be released on May 28, and fans can expect the overall vibe to be “colder and darker.” This, according to singer/guitarist Laura Pleasants, who added, “This album centers around the multiple themes of loss and you can feel it in the music. Everyone goes through it during their lifetime and this record reflects that experience.”

The LP was recorded at the Jam Room in Columbia, South Carolina overseen by the band’s other singer/guitarist Phillip Cope, who’s produced albums for Baroness and Black Tusk. Fans can sign up to the Kylesa newsletter to receive a free download of the new song, “Unspoken,” which also happens to be playing right here: