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Azealia Banks, ‘Dissed’ by Karmin, Has No Idea Who Karmin Are

Azealia Banks, living a Karmin-free life.

Azealia Banks asks a lot of questions on Twitter. Like, “Does Tibet’s high altitude have anything to do with why the culture is so spiritual?” (No.) Or, “Is it true you need RFID chips to get healthcare in America next month?” (No, Obama’s health care plan does not call for every American citizen to be implanted with a microchip.) Or, “What causes red eye when the picture flashes ?? Is it because ur brain has electricity and the flash picks up on it?” (No.) Early this morning brought a new, much more understandable question: “Who is Karmin and why has she written about me in a song?”

Well, Karmin are a deplorable piano-pop-n-rap group, who recently “remixed” Drake’s “Started from the Bottom.” In one of her verses, Amy Heidemann, the group’s vocalist/rapper, raps: “Let me out the cage so I can fizz/ Cuz all the femininity is looking for a rapper queen/ Banking on Azealia and Iggy/ Pretty damn amazing what you’d do to be a star, yeah?” It’s hard to tell what exactly Heidemann is trying to say with that line — it could be an oblique reference to Banks’ penchant for Twitter beefs, or it could mean next to nothing like millions of other vague rap lines.

Either way, this is a situation where Banks’ ignorance works in her favor. If she doesn’t know who Karmin is, she should definitely keep it that way. Never find out who Karmin is! We should all be so lucky. Thanks for nothing, SNL.