Very Naked Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Pose in Flagrante for Magazine Cover

kanye west kim kardashian l'officiel french fashion cover

Kanye West’s entire life is performance art, and he just may have staged one of his greatest pieces yet. West and his girlfriend Kim Kardashian will be on the cover of the French magazine L’Officiel Hommes this month in a state that appears to be, well, mid-thrust.

The image is undoubtedly provocative, which is right in West’s wheelhouse, but it is so in a way that is a throwback to the eye-catching, high-art magazine covers of an era now past. It is an iconic bit of photography (one that you’d presume will one day end up somewhere in one of Kanye’s condos), which admittedly means less now than it used to. But that is still one of the eminently lovable things about an artist that has become less and less likable over the years. He still cares about moments of capital-P Pop. 


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